Digital Citizen Contribution Program

What It Is​?

The Digital Citizen Contribution Program supports the priorities of the Digital Citizen Initiative by providing time-limited financial assistance for research and citizen-focused activities. The Program aims to support democracy and social inclusion in Canada by enhancing and/or supporting efforts to counter online disinformation and other online harms and threats.

Who Can Apply?

The following organizations are eligible for funding

How can we help?

Our services can help you make the most of this program

Facilitator Training

We will teach your team how to better educate their colleagues, your organization’s members, and the public on the risks of online disinformation, how to recognize these risks, and how to better protect themselves. By building a team internally, you will be well equipped to deploy a sensibilization program, and by having your own team educate others, it will ensure the information is contextual and as relevant as possible. 

Platform Development

Do you already combat disinformation and online harms and threats as part of your mission? We can support the development of a platform to better manage these threats and ensure corrective action takes place. Whether you need an internal system for your team to take action, or you are looking to develop a kiosk for the public to report disinformation and digital threats, we can help.

Program Development

We can develop new programs to help educate members, customers, employees, and much more on the risks of disinformation, and equip them on identifying such threats and react accordingly. These kinds of education programs enable each and everyone to think more critically and reduce the risk of them becoming victims of online disinformation and harm.

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