Education Services

What We Do

We Make Learning Fun

Learning is only effective if learners are engaged and enjoy the process. We develop pedagogical approaches, didactic material, and training programs that enable you to achieve that level of success in your own programs.

Modern learning programs leverage technology to make the learning more engaging and to maximize retention of information by being able to present it in different contexts and with different approaches. We help you create and maintain those tools so that your learners can benefit from these modern technological solutions.   


Learn better.

Facilitator Training

We will teach you how to develop and offer training based on the latest science on learning. This first of the two parts of this training covers pedagogy and andragogy, the science of teaching to people of all ages and backgrounds. The second part teaches you about didactic, which is the thought process behind planning effective learning programs and ensuring long-lasting lessons with your learners.

Program Development

A lot of organizations have most of the teaching puzzle pieces together but lack the overall structure to effectively transmit skills. We will help you transform your procedures and your processes into training programs that will ensure good knowledge transmission and employee retention, as well as systematic evaluation processes. Ultimately, good training programs help your business run smoother.

Corporate Training

As experts in the field of education, we will be happy to deliver programs to your organization. We can create and deliver custom training or offer existing programs covering many subjects, including customer service training for front-line employees, marketing strategies for growing an online presence, or internal culture training to help you be more inclusive and better adapted to new generations entering the workplace.